September 29, 2022


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Does Inner Communications Affect Business enterprise Outcomes? Watch this Movie Job interview with Remi Nandy To Know Far more!

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Delighted to share the 48th edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Inside Conversation Collection featuring Remi Nandy working with a top automotive, farm equipment producer and agri business enterprise conglomerate. Remi manages inside communications in her company and is a keen advocate of connecting her function to tangible outcomes. She clarifies how the digital office will be empowering in the foreseeable future and what inside communicators can do to lead alter.

 “Among the trends are electronic workplaces and worker activities. Discovering new electronic platforms to join with all workers, which is hassle-free for them as quite a few Indian corporations are in the nascent phase of appreciating the perform from home culture. Secondly, staff experience in these instances is critical, so is the staff lifecycle”, she states.

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