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Service Electrician Sean McFadyen performing Infrared(IR) Scanning on an electrical panel.
Service Electrician Sean McFadyen performing Infrared(IR) Scanning on an electrical panel.

Last updated on February 4th, 2021 at 01:22 pm

Today’s businesses are prioritizing healthy, safe, energy-efficient environments for their customers and employees. 

Lemberg supports these efforts through turnkey electrical, data, and custom sign services. For 90 years, our licensed professionals have provided budget-conscious, efficient solutions and quality craftsmanship. We see details that others miss.

Here are five essential areas your business can’t ignore in 2021.

Health and Safety – Safe, healthy environments rely upon automated, touch-free functions. Occupancy sensors and automated controls detect entry and adjust lighting, window shades and HVAC systems automatically. Lemberg assesses your automation needs and designs workspaces that keep everyone safe.

Security – Lemberg creates reliable security systems for door access, fire alarm, security cameras, and sound masking. Along with communications, audio/visual, paging and WIFI, these systems keep your business connected, safe and secure. 

Signage – Effective signage informs and establishes brand. Lemberg creates aesthetic, functional designs that integrate with landscaping or architecture. Adding digital electronic messaging allows an immediate and convenient connection with your audience. 

Preventive Maintenance – Lemberg uses state-of-the-art infrared scanning technology to help customers detect electrical component wear, predict maintenance needs, and avoid unplanned downtime — especially important in industrial, healthcare, and IT environments.

Emergency Preparedness – Lemberg employs predictive measures and installs generators to help businesses, healthcare facilities and IT providers avoid a sudden loss of critical systems that affect records and operations. 

Energy Efficiency – Lemberg harnesses Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program to help customers earn thousands in annual incentives through energy efficient options like LED lighting and retrofits.

Being employee-owned, we are committed to providing a quality experience for our customers, community and employees. Contact us today for a free quote, 

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