December 10, 2022


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How to research a product for Amazon?

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Your Complete Guide To Amazon Product Research - Viral Launch

If you are a new Amazon seller or you are planning to become an Amazon seller then the first question that arises in your mind is that what product you should sell on the world’s largest marketplace. Many new Amazon sellers are confused because of this question but today we will tell you all the things you should do to find the best products to sell on Amazon.

Amazon Product Research:

It is very important to first analyses a marketplace before starting with it especially when you are starting with the world’s largest marketplace like Amazon. So, as a new Amazon seller first you have to analyze the products which you will sell on Amazon. You have to research and find products that are unique, popular, latest, best in quality,and less in price, so you can sell them by a reasonable margin to get profit from them. This process of researching and analyzing the products which you will sell on your Amazon account is called Amazon Product Research.

Researching a product for Amazon:

First, you have to decide the niche which products you will sell then you can start researching and analyzing products of this niche.At first, you have to find the products which are unique and popularbut only a few sellers are offering them. Then you search for these products and try to get them at a reasonable price so you can take your margin from them easily but keep in mind that your product price will be reasonable even after you take your margin from it. So, your customers will also be happy with you and you will get positive feedback. Moreover, you can also use Amazon automatic tools to research the products like the Sellerapp’s tools. It is one of the best tools for new Amazon sellers. You can check it here:

Which is the best way Manual research or Automatic research?

The answer to this question is that both tools are beneficial for you but the manual one is the best way. Because in this way you analyze or research products by yourself which seemed to be a more perfect way. But this does not mean that automatic tools are not good, they are good too and maybe help you also. You can also use both of them to find the products as a combination of these two methods will be best.


The conclusion is that researching the products for the world’s largest marketplace is very important if you want to become a successful seller on it. Keep in mind better strategy can help you to get more customers, so do not think that it is not necessary. However, it depends upon you that whether you can do the research manually, using automatic tools, or both of them. Always, choose the products in which the competition is not tough because they are millions of sellers on Amazon who can sell the same product and maybe at the same price as you. The searching of the products is very important and the very first step you should do before starting selling on Amazon.