December 10, 2022


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How to verify a business license?

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Whether you are considering doing business with a new firm or employing a licensed professional to work for you, you should do a business-license check to avoid potential difficulties with safety, financial loss, or reputational damage that can occur when someone offers services unlawfully. 

You will need to figure out what qualifications you’re looking for before you can check a company license. After that, you can go to government agency websites and employ a licensed attorney. You can visit the KRT Homepage for more information.

Basics of Business-License Lookup

Depending on the industry, a firm may need many licenses, ranging from local to federal. As a result, it’s worthwhile to study the company’s type of business, occupational criteria, and operating location. A restaurant, for example, might have a federal business license, a state liquor license, and local foodservice and health licenses. A plumber would need a state occupational license, and any local operational licenses are required.

Once you’ve decided which tiers of licensure to look into, gather some basic company information to conduct an online search. Unless the location has many businesses that match, the name of the business or its owner is usually sufficient. Several lookup systems allow you to search by address, licence number, and licence type to narrow your search.

Visit the website of an agency.

When visiting these websites, look for a menu choice linked to license, registration, or certification; if you can’t locate it, utilize the site’s built-in search function. If an agency offers several credentials, you’ll probably need to restrict your search or use various search engines. A government license may be required if the company performs activities linked to agriculture, armament, aircraft, wildlife, transportation, mining, broadcasting, or alcohol. Visit the website of a state agency.

You’ll frequently use state services to verify an occupational license or a general business registration. Check which state agency licenses or registers individuals for the occupation when seeking a professional license. For example, you might obtain information about an attorney’s license from the state Supreme Court website and a doctor’s license from the state medical board website.

Request the company.

Businesses are frequently required by state legislation to show their licenses at their sites, and they must have the license on hand to present upon request in any instance. So, if you live near the company, you might see the license in person. You can also contact the corporation and request valid business license documentation. If you live far away, it may send you a copy online or by mail.

Make use of a service that verifies licenses.

You can pay for services to hunt up business licenses for you if you’d prefer not to do it yourself. These businesses specialize in background checks and can supply you with more than just verification of proper licensing. You can, for example, check to see if a potential hire has the degree and experience stated on their application. Check the status of the other party’s business and professional licenses if you’re planning a new partnership or contractual arrangement. You can save time, money, and your reputation by doing so.